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NC FACES Coordinators:
Laura Anderson
Trish Gavankar

NC FACES Medical Advisor: 

About Us

NC FACES was started in May 2003 as a small group of parents getting together for playdates with our food allergic children. Today, our group has over 400 families connected across the Raleigh-Durham area including towns as far as Wake Forest and Greensboro.

We are an all volunteer support group sharing information, support, and some fun.  We provide a social and emotional support network for Food Allergic Families in all stages of learning about the process of living with food allergies. We will remain constant in our dedication to teach our children how to live fully productive, interactive, exciting, and safe lives.

If you would like to share our information with your community, please feel free to download our NC FACES flyer.

                              NC FACES Coordinators at the
                                                2012 Triangle FAAN Walk

The NC FACES support group is a network of friends who support each other and not a professional organization. Be sure to discuss individual health questions and medical issues with your own qualified personal physician or health professional.